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Anonymous asked:

Ohohoh, Sterek + "The One with the Worst Best Man Ever" :D Pretty please :)


"Hi," Derek smiles brightly at Stiles, and Stiles groan internally. He’s even more attractive in the daylight. In a fucking sweater. And glasses. What the hell. 

"Hi," he sighs out. "You came back."

"Well, you called," Derek ducks his head, peeks up at him shyly. "I don’t normally… Last night wasn’t what I had… expected."

"I know," Stiles bursts out, "I don’t normally meet people and just… fall into bed with them, either. Especially not angry cops."

Derek arches an eyebrow, and Stiles waves a hand in the air. “And, again, sorry for mistaking you, for uh, being a stripper. Although, you know, I would totally have called you for that.”

"You," Derek’s face falls, "Did you booty call me? On my day off?"

"No!" Stiles rushes out quickly, "I was gonna call and ask you to brunch tomorrow, I didn’t— wanna seem— too forward?"

"You weren’t going to call at all, were you?" Derek’s face falls. "What do you want, Stiles?”

"You have something of mine!" Scott bursts out from behind Stiles, brandishing the empty ring box in Derek’s face.

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